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Changing Dimensions and Evolution of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing CompanyInternet marketing has become mandatory for every business, whether offered online or offline. Aggressive internet marketing through advertisements, e-mail campaigns, social media marketing is common place now. However, over the years a lot has been changed about internet marketing. Various new trends have been established giving a whole new meaning to it. Earlier, internet marketing was confined to running email campaigns and website development.

With the advent of social media website internet marketing has become a social media oriented as they have a wide reach. Even the social media websites like Facebook, Google+ provide for creation of pages and also offer paid advertising service. One can see advertisements on the right hand side of the Facebook page. The advertisements now also feature on the wall of the users. Internet marketing is also making use of search engines for displaying ads related to the keywords searched by the user. These ads can be seen on the top of the search result page. The search engines charge for such advertisements, however, the visibility that these ads enjoy is worth the investment.

  • Various new practices have been incorporated in internet market over the years.
  • The contents that are presented to the consumers have also changed drastically.

Changing trends in internet marketing

Changing is inevitable and internet marketing is no exception. There is a constant evolution in the digital world and the arrival of new technology is also triggering the shift in the behaviour of the customers as the choices in front of them are expanding. As the internet along with its users is changing there is a change in the internet marketing. The most most glaring changes that cannot be ignored comprise:

  • Content marketing is the supreme: Meaningful contents have been integrated with online marketing and still rule the roost. The newly adopted algorithm called the Hummingbird algorithm by Google is based on the way people talk with each other. Another feature called the across-the board secure search has also been put into place. Strong and unique contents have become all the more important for securing higher indexing on the search result page.
  • Union of Social media and SEO: Sharing the contents on social media websites has become necessary as the search engines have become smart enough to filter out the most relevant content for the users. Those contents which have most shares will ultimately be returned by the search engines in the results.
  • Emphasis of images along with the content: Good images make the advertisement attractive and stand out in the crowd of numerous ads that the users are presented. Images that are most relevant to the advertisement and able to relate to the users is very important.

Mobile-centric internet marketing: With the growing number of smartphone users, internet marketing ought to be mobile oriented. Various surveys suggest that the traffic from mobile phones has exceeded the traffic from laptops and desktop. Such a change in the scenario has warranted the need to optimize and redesign the internet marketing for mobile users.


Advantages Of Hiring Dedicated Resources For One Stop Solutions

Hire Dedicated ResourceIf you are planning for an online presence for your business, then you try to find resources that can come to your aid in achieving good results. There are many tasks which are required to accomplish before you actually launch a fully functional business website on the internet. Functions such as website structure definition, design, adding user functionality with forms and validations, making the website optimized for search engines and lastly is promoting business in the online market are a few main points to consider. You can easily find people or developers who are well suited for the each of the functional areas. However, if you keep on looking for different resources for each of the functions defined above, then co-coordinating all the activities will be a tough task for you.

It is advantageous to hire one single agency which can undertake all the tasks and develop a turn-key project for you.

One stop solution is always better

Yes, it is indeed. If you outsource everything to one agency then you can escape, from finding the experts in performing different tasks. Generally, a company providing web development solution has expertise to undertake every relevant function and if something is lacking then it is the company’s headache to arrange for the required person.

Better synchronization

When a company has accepted your project, then all the discussions and analysis happen at one place and hence all the tasks fall in a synchronous trail of events. A single person, generally a project leader can plan all the activities in phase-wise manner leads the project in a better way. All activities can take place one after another in the proper sequence and the result of such well planned project, the website comes out to be a wonderful business outlet.

Single Point – of Contact For you

With a single person or single company handling all the requirements, you have to deal with a single point of contact while defining your requirements and discuss the expected output. Once you establish a qualitative communication with the person handling point of contact for the project, things become easy and well understood by both the parties. In case of all different people working on the different functional point of the same project, it can be really difficult for you to keep track of all communications and hard to remember what has been discussed with whom.

Cost effective solution

While hiring different agencies for each function, it might be possible that you can save much of cost required by the project. However, having looked at the difficulty and complexity of handling so many resources at any given time, can become a negative point. If, by chance project fails, then there is not a single agency who will be ready to take the blame and responsibility of the failure but only you will own it. And after investing so much time and money, what you get is nothing impactful. If a web development company is under question, then the company can work till your satisfaction and do some re-work where required. You can rely on the expertise of the company as a whole and not on a single resource that might disappear in case of failure.