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Using PHP Frameworks For Speedy And Robust Web Development

PHP Frameworks web Development

PHP Frameworks web Development

Web development is a complex and time consuming process. However, using a PHP framework for web development makes things easy and fast. PHP framework has various inbuilt functions that can easily called to perform a specific task. Earlier, when core PHP was primarily used for website development, the time taken to build a website was much more. With the advent of several frameworks, the process of web development has become less complex and faster. However, it is important to learn the flow and structure of a PHP framework for using it. Development in PHP follows the MVC (Model view controller) structure where everything moves in a pre-defined flow. PHP frameworks may seem difficult to learn, but once mastered, can simplify the web development process. There are various PHP frameworks such as Zend, Cake, Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symphony, etc. As PHP is an open source platform, these frameworks are also open source and thus can be used without a license.

  • The website development using PHP frameworks are faster and also rich in functionalities.
  • Various complex processes can be made simpler using PHP framework.

Advantages of PHP framework

Over the years, PHP framework has created a lot of hype among the developers. They have been using it for better web development, thus creating better dynamic websites. Some of the advantages of PHP frameworks are discussed here:

  • Better code and file organisation: A PHP framework has a folder structure and the developer is supposed to follow the standards used in the Framework and keep them organised. It may be difficult to follow for developers who are used to coding through command line, but when used continuously, the IDE becomes a cake walk.
  • Libraries and Utilities support: Using core PHP for web development can leave you looking for 3rd party libraries and codes for various purposes. PHP frameworks provide various such utilities, libraries and helper codes. These tools can help the developers for performing operations like form validation, I/O filtering, abstraction of database, handling of cookie and sessions and various other.
  • MVC pattern: All the framework follows the MVC pattern which helps in proper maintenance of code. The code is separated into a model-representing data structure, views- containing templates and page output and controllers- handles page requests and binds all the components together. Following the pattern result in clean and easy to maintain code.
  • Security: Security is another important dimension that PHP framework adds to the web development. There are various functions for input and output filtering that are capable of protecting the website from attacks. It can be used manually too in core PHP, but can be tiresome. Using a framework, it gets done automatically. For instance, when a value is passed to a database, the objects are filtered to protect from attacks using SQL injection.

Code less and build faster: Once the learning curve of PHP frameworks get straight, the developer begins to code faster and fewer lines of code generate the desired output. The developers can experience rapid web development


Top Keys Features of Joomla Application Development

Keys features of Joomla application developmentAs web development technologies are advancing day by day, web developers have a plethora of choices to choose a web development framework or a CMS that not just suited them, but also caters to the specific website requirements of their client. Undoubtedly, Joomla has emerged to be one of the popular and reliable web development and content management platforms in the present-day scenario. To its credit, there are over 45 million downloads and this itself is testimony to the fact that Joomla is one of the most popular CMS today. The Joomla 3.2 version which was launched some time ago features some exciting upgrades.

Bcrypt encryption tool

Unlike the previous editions of Joomla CMS, the Joomla version 3.2 comes with Bcrypt, essentially an encryption tool for all the passwords socked in website database of Joomla. There is also a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool to develop extensions for Joomla. There is also a new option for two-factor authentication. Apart from these new and exciting features, the 3.2 version of Joomla also gets an AJAX interface, enhanced template manager, micro-data semantics library, HTML form attributes and fields, WYSIWYG editor and other exciting features. Additionally, the 3.2 version of Joomla also gets ‘ Version Control’. With this feature, the user can roll back and even compare content pieces simultaneously along with the updates.

3.2 version gives a new facelift

The new 3.2 version of Joomla also features UX/UI enhancements, enhanced security measures and version history and indeed, this new version packs in everything that gives the website an amazing facelift and boosts success rate of the online business with unmatched accuracy and speed. This new version was much anticipated not just by the users but also developers specialized in Joomla. This new edition features its own app store called as ‘Joomla Extension Finder’.

The new and improved Joomla version’s content versioning upgrade allows the user to retrieve or store various editions of Joomla articles with a single click. The enhanced template manager also features a in-built editor and manager, using with any Joomla developer can easily modify, clone and manage Joomla themes directly from the administration panel. With such exciting custom development services from Joomla 3.2, it is only apparent that every internet business should be using Joomla to development their business website. Apart from its several highly beneficial features, the new 3.2 version’s interface is quite simple to understand and easy to use for developers. With the inclusion of an easy multi-lingual site installer which the 3.2 Joomla version gets, it surely boosts the already soaring fame of customized Joomla web development services.

Problems in earlier versions fixed

The new Joomla 3.2 version targets various perspectives and focuses on issues associated with the earlier versions’ user interface, third party extensions and enterprise functionality. Its focused and simple layout brings out key controls and settings, and this in turn, offers an enhanced user-experienced not just for experienced administrators but even for starters.

Indeed, Joomla is developed well considering the expanding maze of online world and the new version simplifies things to a great extent.