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Zend Expressive – The Latest Technology for Developing PHP Applications on the Web

With the latest release of Zend’s latest version of PSR-7, this article gives a comprehensive overview of the different related benefits of using the middleware framework for developing PHO web applications, along with limitations that are yet to be addressed.


Recently there’s been a lot of buzz centring round Zend’s latest release of the expressive PSR-7 (PHP Standard Recommendation) micro framework. This article is here to give a 30,000 feet overview on the ways how this latest release will be helpful for developing HTTP middleware in PHP applications for the Web.

Development of interactive complex web applications

Zend expressive enables the development of complex webs applications with a set of simple PHP interfaces for working with HTTP requests and responses, URIs, and uploaded file representations. PSR-7 is a code that sits your requests and the response. It allows developers to write small, targeted, reusable and web-facing codes to be used in frameworks that consume the middleware. PSR-7 is all set to empower the progression of middleware ecosystem as an alternative to MVC development models.

Flexible Architecture

This latest version of release by Zend Technologies pledges to make the lives of developers easier by making it simpler to implement effective and efficient micro services. Now, the scope of these micro services is very limited in nature, and as a result of this, developers can write codes and APIs that are typically brief, precise, to the point and very much succinct, which in turn allows efficient development and simplified deployment.

Suitable for big enterprises

In addition to the flexible architecture, the middle work framework also provides a distinctServerRequestInterface with which one can scrutinize and deploy the HTTP request method, the headers and the body. With a separate ServerRequestnterface, there are additional abstractions to fill in the gaps in PHP’s implementation. It also allows for non-server API implementations which provide a way for creating asynchronous PHP-based web applications in a similar fashion to Node.js.

Better Control and security

Apart from the applications coding and framework related benefits, Zend has also revealed that PSR-7-based PHP applications works at a much faster rate over its traditional counterpart – the MVC frameworks. Additionally, these applications are also beneficial is a way that they use just a small fraction of the CPU and the memory.

Although the PSR-7 framework for the development of PHP web applications promotes rapid application development, ease of use, simplicity of deployment and high level of performance, but they do not have a balanced architecture, as a result of which developers have to decide the structure and design the architectures as and when the application expands. Zend believes that the middle ware framework basically promotes the first step of designing and performance at the cost of long-term maintenance. Clear and concise long-term maintenance goals of applications are something that developers should keep in mind while deciding the architectural framework.

Zend is making serious efforts to address the long-term maintenance story with Expressive. But on a positive note, in spite of all the short-comings, Zend Technologies have altogether paved a new path for the development of PHP web-applications.

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Benefits of core PHP and advance PHP development for better performance

Today in the 21st century, IT is the emerging hub in technology and its various advanced technologies are source for new inventions. One of the latest technologies in open source technology is PHP. PHP development is more of a slogan in the world of the internet and software field, simply because most of the IT companies prefer PHP development services in order to raise their business. Moreover, PHP as an open source is highly prominent and is getting more and more appraisals from web application development companies, along with technology savvy companies as an open source, for all its genuine features of web application, website development and complicated software development needs.
Currently, the most hot and latest discussion subject amongst web experts is why PHP is preferred over other scripting languages. In this article we will study a few features in support of PHP.

1. Affordable – As all web experts are aware of the fact that PHP is open source in nature and therefore it can be installed freely without incurring much expense. Thus, PHP is very cost effective and web development companies choose PHP for all their web solution.

2. Easy Accessibility – with PHP installed, you can get easy accessibility to all websites and it can urgently ask for databases from any server. The speed and ready service by PHP makes it famous among the users.

3. Syntax – the language and scripting of PHP is very simple to understand and so is its making. The coding of PHP coding is very simple and easy to understand than any other language of programming.

4. Most Robust and Advanced – this open source programme is comparatively much sophisticated than any other language of scripting. Also it helps Linux, MySQL, and Apache. Moreover, it also supports other web technologies like PHP Framework, CakePHP, Joomla and many more.

5. User Friendly – all websites that are designed and developed on PHP are very user -friendly as they enable their visitors and users to communicate with the websites more easily and conveniently.

One more important feature is that as PHP is the most renowned open source technology, any person can hire a professional PHP developer to expand his web application.

You can choose best PHP services that will benefit your business in many ways. Do some good research on the internet and seek for companies offering most robust PHP services.

6. Best PHP services – For overall benefit of your business, many companies provide you advanced PHP programming concepts. To increase your business outlook and to gain benefit you can blindly depend on our efforts.

7. PHP versus Cold Fusion – you can’t compare PHP with Cold Fusion because both these languages are completely incorporated with different capabilities. Generally, PHP is prominent open source application for designing and creating more complexed and dynamic web pages, whereas, Cold Fusion is known for flawless web development and immediate abstraction of information. However, one must be very careful before choosing the best scripting language that holds the capacity to solve issues easily, no one but PHP can do it and is preferred choice for all.

Yii Framework as future of best web application development platform

yii web application developmentWe are working on numerous open source frameworks for developing web applications, but in each framework the key issue that is faced is the rapidity of development including few obstacles or complex query structure.

We were largely working on diverse types of business applications involving C.R.U.D. operations which to some extent include cyclical tasks. We were keenly searching for some framework which reduces this effort and Latest trendy “Yii Framework” is the one which robust our need for speedy application development process with smooth functionality. The key perception which helps are the O.R.M. feature based on active record design pattern by referring Ruby on Rails.

Based on the prologue of Yii Framework which states that; It has referred assorted available frameworks in the market and comes out with something remarkably authoritative for example, component based model and event driven programming, database abstraction layers, modular application architecture is adopted from Prado framework.

Yii is a sky-scraping performance open source web application development framework; that uses PHP for creating web 2.0 applications on finger-tips. Yii Framework is one of the latest and most greatly regarded PHP frameworks available in today’s market. The glory is that, it can be used for any web development projects whether the requirement is small and simple or a highly complex project with huge requirements, complexity, hard coding and tough integration has to be developed. Yii can be effortlessly downloaded free of cost from its official website and free for use. Every PHP development company is now offering web development solutions based on Yii framework to grab large client base world-wild.

Key Advantages for any Business Themes

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How PHP development can help your business online?

Business urges to have an online presence to battle and thrive in the competitive industry. A strong online website existence enables to magnetize the online visitors and thereby, cater to a wider clientele world-wide. A fully handy website is the first step for the business to go online and reach prospects. Web apps development makes use of different technologies to design interactive websites and applications competent of providing a rich user-experience even with complex structure. Websites enable to sheltered the online business and open multiple opportunities for business growth. PHP scripting is admired and widely used technologies for building efficient websites of any kind for personal pages to e-commerce.

Every web developer or IT professional is familiar with PHP. It is a widely used server-side scripting language for programmers. It supports in development process of high-end dynamic web pages for any thematic (niche) websites including big ecommerce platform. PHP website development scripting has capability of providing tailored / queried information that interacts with users at runtime (live). Our post covers plentiful reasons establishing how PHP development is suitable for web based application developments or website development.

Common Characteristics of PHP Scripting Language

  • Quick Responding

PHP is fast and robust among other scripting level languages. Its speed is perceptible when you actually experience it. When a PHP based page or software is running live on the web, you can simply experience its faster performance than others. It may take a bit time when it establishing a link to a database to get certain data for complex queries.

  • Open Source Scripting

PHP is an open source scripting language and free to use, it don’t charge you to use its platform professionally. PHP developers or programmers are free to use and customize it to have desired output. A PHP web developer or company doesn’t require obtaining any license or keying for using this scripting language globally. This feature (OSL – Open Source Licensing) makes it a competent and inexpensive solution for website development.

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