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Zend Expressive – The Latest Technology for Developing PHP Applications on the Web

With the latest release of Zend’s latest version of PSR-7, this article gives a comprehensive overview of the different related benefits of using the middleware framework for developing PHO web applications, along with limitations that are yet to be addressed.


Recently there’s been a lot of buzz centring round Zend’s latest release of the expressive PSR-7 (PHP Standard Recommendation) micro framework. This article is here to give a 30,000 feet overview on the ways how this latest release will be helpful for developing HTTP middleware in PHP applications for the Web.

Development of interactive complex web applications

Zend expressive enables the development of complex webs applications with a set of simple PHP interfaces for working with HTTP requests and responses, URIs, and uploaded file representations. PSR-7 is a code that sits your requests and the response. It allows developers to write small, targeted, reusable and web-facing codes to be used in frameworks that consume the middleware. PSR-7 is all set to empower the progression of middleware ecosystem as an alternative to MVC development models.

Flexible Architecture

This latest version of release by Zend Technologies pledges to make the lives of developers easier by making it simpler to implement effective and efficient micro services. Now, the scope of these micro services is very limited in nature, and as a result of this, developers can write codes and APIs that are typically brief, precise, to the point and very much succinct, which in turn allows efficient development and simplified deployment.

Suitable for big enterprises

In addition to the flexible architecture, the middle work framework also provides a distinctServerRequestInterface with which one can scrutinize and deploy the HTTP request method, the headers and the body. With a separate ServerRequestnterface, there are additional abstractions to fill in the gaps in PHP’s implementation. It also allows for non-server API implementations which provide a way for creating asynchronous PHP-based web applications in a similar fashion to Node.js.

Better Control and security

Apart from the applications coding and framework related benefits, Zend has also revealed that PSR-7-based PHP applications works at a much faster rate over its traditional counterpart – the MVC frameworks. Additionally, these applications are also beneficial is a way that they use just a small fraction of the CPU and the memory.

Although the PSR-7 framework for the development of PHP web applications promotes rapid application development, ease of use, simplicity of deployment and high level of performance, but they do not have a balanced architecture, as a result of which developers have to decide the structure and design the architectures as and when the application expands. Zend believes that the middle ware framework basically promotes the first step of designing and performance at the cost of long-term maintenance. Clear and concise long-term maintenance goals of applications are something that developers should keep in mind while deciding the architectural framework.

Zend is making serious efforts to address the long-term maintenance story with Expressive. But on a positive note, in spite of all the short-comings, Zend Technologies have altogether paved a new path for the development of PHP web-applications.

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Using PHP Frameworks For Speedy And Robust Web Development

PHP Frameworks web Development

PHP Frameworks web Development

Web development is a complex and time consuming process. However, using a PHP framework for web development makes things easy and fast. PHP framework has various inbuilt functions that can easily called to perform a specific task. Earlier, when core PHP was primarily used for website development, the time taken to build a website was much more. With the advent of several frameworks, the process of web development has become less complex and faster. However, it is important to learn the flow and structure of a PHP framework for using it. Development in PHP follows the MVC (Model view controller) structure where everything moves in a pre-defined flow. PHP frameworks may seem difficult to learn, but once mastered, can simplify the web development process. There are various PHP frameworks such as Zend, Cake, Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symphony, etc. As PHP is an open source platform, these frameworks are also open source and thus can be used without a license.

  • The website development using PHP frameworks are faster and also rich in functionalities.
  • Various complex processes can be made simpler using PHP framework.

Advantages of PHP framework

Over the years, PHP framework has created a lot of hype among the developers. They have been using it for better web development, thus creating better dynamic websites. Some of the advantages of PHP frameworks are discussed here:

  • Better code and file organisation: A PHP framework has a folder structure and the developer is supposed to follow the standards used in the Framework and keep them organised. It may be difficult to follow for developers who are used to coding through command line, but when used continuously, the IDE becomes a cake walk.
  • Libraries and Utilities support: Using core PHP for web development can leave you looking for 3rd party libraries and codes for various purposes. PHP frameworks provide various such utilities, libraries and helper codes. These tools can help the developers for performing operations like form validation, I/O filtering, abstraction of database, handling of cookie and sessions and various other.
  • MVC pattern: All the framework follows the MVC pattern which helps in proper maintenance of code. The code is separated into a model-representing data structure, views- containing templates and page output and controllers- handles page requests and binds all the components together. Following the pattern result in clean and easy to maintain code.
  • Security: Security is another important dimension that PHP framework adds to the web development. There are various functions for input and output filtering that are capable of protecting the website from attacks. It can be used manually too in core PHP, but can be tiresome. Using a framework, it gets done automatically. For instance, when a value is passed to a database, the objects are filtered to protect from attacks using SQL injection.

Code less and build faster: Once the learning curve of PHP frameworks get straight, the developer begins to code faster and fewer lines of code generate the desired output. The developers can experience rapid web development

CMS (Open Source) Is Amongst Preferable Platforms for Stout Development

CMS Web Development Company

Content Management System (CMS) is the platform used for publishing, editing and managing your online content. If properly done, CMS usually helps you to minimize the necessity to code. CMS often involving a collaborative environment is available in two forms, both having its fair share of pros and cons.

Open Source CMS Vs Proprietary CMS

The Open source or non-proprietary CMS is a platform where collaboration is more defined and forms an essential part of its workflow. The platform functions by using code that is readily available and does not pertain to any copyright laws. You can use, edit or distribute the codes as and how you wish depending upon your need. Some popular Open Source CMS includes:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • DotNetNuke

Each of these has been implemented in creating important websites and has proven their capability in belting out robust frameworks time and again.

The proprietary CMS platforms work on codes that are written by specific individual and organizations that consequently hold the copyright over the codes. The platform is not readily available without the permission of its owners therefore restricting its capability to cater to a larger user base. The owners would obviously require a charge in exchange for their services.

Open Source as a tool for Robust Development

Every Development cycle involves several iterations. Changes are inevitable and have to be accommodated in order to bring in the desired result. Consequently the platform that you use needs to be flexible, scalable, cost-effective and customizable to deliver the desired results. Let us take a look at how open source CMS is geared to tackle these challenges.


Multiple developers are available to work on the code you are using if required. Therefore, if the work of one fails to satisfy you, you can hand it over to another developer. The change of hands, unlike in a proprietary system is simple and does not require the new team to start from scratch. They may just be able to get you up and running by adding in a few modifications. Thus embedding an element of flexibility in open source CMS.


As multiple developers are available for working on the code, a strong community evolves which is committed to constantly keep the platform upgraded. The huge cross sections of user base, who have access to the open source platforms, usually do not allow bugs and errors to go unattended. This helps to keep the platform updated on the latest technological developments and free of any bugs and issues.


As developers are constantly innovating and updating, the open source CMS is able to extend its functionality thanks to the useful plugins and features that gets embedded into its workflow. This makes it extremely economical for organizations to leverage the benefit of the available plugin rather than building it from scratch.


The availability of templates and plugins tend to make the open source CMS an extremely convenient platform for customizing. Organizations can use the benefits of the platform depending upon their own needs and requirements. Moreover, the continuous addition of features and functionalities by developers tends to augment its capability to accommodate varied customer needs.

Robust & Multi-Dimensional Customize Theme Development for WordPress

WordPress CMS Development ServicesWordPress themes are widely preferred by the web owners for boosting their overall trafficking. An optimum quality theme can only help one boost up one`s online business set-up. WordPress has been lately launching outstanding coupon schemes for business and education purposes. WordPress theme is a blog that is majorly about WordPress themes and plugins. You can find most amazing WordPress themes and plugins coupled with the latest features and advanced functionality. Users can get huge discounts with these coupons.

Some of the PremiumPress coupon themes are as follows:

  • UPthemes: UPthemes is one of the bestPremium Press themeproviders that mainly focus on building wonderful themes that are easily modifiable. Such themes can be changed as per latest trends and patterns. Apart from that these are easy to use thereby allowing users to access it easily. One can find upthemes in January coupons at enhanced discounts. With UPthemes, one can save money with every theme purchased.
  • UFO themes: UFO themes coupons are released and verified in January 2014. UFO theme is also a Premium Press coupon themethat helps users in creating wonderful commercial themes that are simple to use and sober in looks. All UFO themes coupons come with intuitive option panel that helps one regulate one`s theme conveniently. One can get up to 25% off on using the coupon code. No matter whether it is portfolio, blog, online business portal or store, UFO themes are sure to fulfil your requirements in either case.
  • Themify themes: Themify themes tend to create splendid ready to go themes with compound features and skin colours. Themify themes are led by most alleged theme designers. This particular Premium Press coupon themeis occupying the market by rendering well coded stunning themes. It was verified on 25th of January 2014. Themify themes are easily customizable themes that come with drag and drop builder. The drag and drop functionality of the theme helps one to build any page layout or design with proficient live fronted preview. The designed layouts are absolutely responsive. It works on digital gadgets like laptops, mobile and computer.
  • Tokokoo themes: Tokokoo themes are Premium WordPresscoupon ecommerce themes that assist users to build online stores within few minutes. U can save a considerable amount of money by getting in touch with Tokokoo themes.
  • WPZOOM theme: WPZOOM theme is a top featured Premium Press coupon theme that renders amazing graphics with life time support.
  • WP engine theme: WP engine theme is a premier that is primarily managed by WordPress. The theme is specifically meant for bloggers and web owners who are concerned about their overall boosting.

Premium Press theme is readily available online. It is an ultimate way through which you can present your contents without incurring a hole in your pocket. Online WordPress theme allows users to conveniently find the contents they want. They are not required to do unnecessary scrolling that result in wastage of time.  With best of designs and widgets, WordPress themes are sure to end up boosting up your SEO rankings incredibly.

Knowing the Importance of CMS Customization Services

CMS customization servicesCurrently, one can undoubtedly find a huge range of options that works as an open source of solution providers in the web industry. The expert developers help their clients in creation of skins, web designs, templates and in the installation of other open source services. CMS customization services aims at customizing of the integrated designs as per the requirements of the clients. The major CMS customization service providers guarantees reliable and prompt performance through its extremely skilled and effectual managers and developers who have ample of experience in the open source programming.

With CMS, it has turned out quite simple to manage content. CMS is simple to use, as it is a highly sophisticated open source tool that has been assisting web masters with almost everything, in optimum possible way. For multiple private label services, the major companies have successfully created more than 100+ CMS made simple services. Hence, one can construct custom modules for making customization to core modules. Regardless of the designing of the site, one can apply CMS customized designs that are easy to use and include various value added services such as engine visibility and search engine optimization.

The main reasons that make CMS simple and attractive are:

  • Open source packages
  • CMS enables website administers create and manage content, pages and layout.
  • Unobtrusiveness made CMS simple and unique. It assists one to create fully substantiating XHTML/CSS tables and layouts.
  • Separate codes for content and layout
  • Facilitation of website navigation
  • Enables the creation of regroups or creates multitude options for distinct navigation on the page.
  • The full package renders different types of internal functions that includes – contacting of form, organizing articles, search functionality, WYSIWYG etc.
  • It creates websites that have a range of features and capabilities. The strength comes from different kinds of third party add on tools that are quite quick to install and use.
  • Favourable URL for SEOs
  • Online assistance

Online open source customization services are ideal for online retail stores. The PHP based content management system use HTML components that are backed by scalable and robust features of MySQL database. E-business owners have specifically adopted shopping cart models for their online retail stores.

Each day more and more people are going for customized E-commerce platform websites for consolidating their businesses. People specifically select companies that have an expertise in CMS customization services as the profit of the entire business depends primarily upon the way a website is designed. Nowadays, cart customization services are foremost preferred by web owners for managing all essential tasks of their businesses.

Customization of operating system can meet out requirements for commercial entities and several individuals who look forward for making proper online presence. Companies that are involved in retailing, distribution, store owning, web hosting and whole selling have perfect opportunities with online cart systems and e-commerce platforms. However, in order to have a perfect service, one requires migration, integration, upgrades and maintenance of card based websites.

Some of the CMS Made Simple Services include:

  • Template design, Customization and custom theme
  • Modifications, module installation and Error fixing
  • Litebox, Flash integration and product catalogue integration
  • Module development and Desired form design.

Pioneer eCommerce Development Solution For e-Business

eCommerce Development Services

eCommerce is referred to as a phenomenon of buying and selling of goods, products or services via electronic mode such as internet. As it is online service there is 24/7 availability and accessible throughout the globe irrespective of continental barrier and also provides efficient customer service. E commerce is done via internet marketing, mobile commence, EDI (Electronic data interchange) and online transaction.

Ecommerce is generally the sales aspect of internet business which consists of exchange of data facilitating the finance and payment related transactions in a business. This is one of the effective and efficient ways of communication within organization and conducting business. E commerce has expanded rapidly over the years and is assumed to progress in the same manner. It is a marketing strategy where company may or may not have physical existence. One thing has to be taken into concern is the security and integrity of data.

There are many organizations also which provides assistance and help to the business organizations in making a proper website. Some of the assistance provided by companies are listed below:

  • Secure hosting
  • Purchase of domain
  • Integration with payment gateway
  • Web design
  • Shopping cart system
  • Marketing

eCommerce Development Service in Small e-Business

The internet has brought lots of change in business pattern in today’s life and organizations or company use this technology for their benefit. The best thing is that in e-business clients are unable to find out how big or small is the company. By having a developed and maintained website, any small business can create impression of a large organization. Ecommerce removes the barriers which held back many small businesses especially those relating to distance and time. E commerce is perfectly suited for small business. Some of the reasons why so are provided below:

  • Using ecommerce service helps the small organizations to expand market at national and international level with very low investment. Also organizations can find more customers, best suppliers and business partners throughout the globe.
  • According to survey, it has been found that online sales have increased rapidly over the last couple of years. It is a fact that customers prefer easy, convenient and reliable process for making payments. So, it is a must for small business to integrate ecommerce service to their businesses.
  • Availability throughout the clock is a factor in sales. Organizations using Ecommerce are easily available 24/7 and transactions can be done automatically. For small business this is a key factor where purchase and payment will be automatic resulting in more customers and growth of the organization.
  • In a small business organization it is obvious that the number of employees will be few. E commerce reduces the paper work to a great extent and hence requires less or even very few employees.
  • For a e-business that runs offline have to face many challenges to reach the customers whereas e-commerce provides the option even to small local business organization to reach even international customers.

The fact cannot be denied that e-commerce is highly beneficial for small e-businesses. It is very easy to setup at a very low cost. Some of the issues of concern like network security, privacy of bank details during transaction, user friendly website design and trust of customers providing good quality products, etc. can now be managed well by effectual e-commerce tools and solutions!

Highlighting Top Quality of CakePHP Website Development

CakePHP development ServicesOne open source web application is the CakePHP framework. The base language which is used in CakePHP is PHP and it is compatible with PHP4, MVC architecture and PHP5.  It has been introduced after the notion of Ruby Rails. CakePHP is basically used to provide the architectural base for the creation of websites. The CakePHP is also known as the open source of customization. The system follows the pattern of MVC which stand for model-view-controller. There are various benefits of using the CakePHP-

Reducing the cost of designing a website

  • It reduced the use usage of codes in creating a website
  • It has the MIT license which is why it is free
  • It is also well suited with PHP4 and PHP5

Along with the above stated benefits there are some other benefits like it offers rapid development. Time is limited and thus with the CakePHP web development time is saved. With the CakePHP website owner will get a rich in appearance and content managed website. That’s not all the PHP web developers using CakePHP provides more benefits. A more functional website and even a flexible website are developed with it.

While these are some benefits which websites owners can get it is important that in order to get all the benefits of using CakePHP there also choose the best CakePHP web development firm they are highly experience and know their task very well.

Benefits of taking a Cakephp web developer

The best CakePHP developers can be easily differentiated from the others. The best PHP developers are always open to new innovations and challenges which come on their way. The best ones are very flexible and do not have any fixed styles or working. They keep up to the market trends and fulfill the requirements of all their clients. These CakePHP website developers have a strong hold in their field and this can manage their CakePHP project very well. And last but not the least is that they use the latest available tools found in the market to make the website.

Along with being a CakePHP web development master the CakePHP developers also are highly specialized and experts in –

  • Custom CakePHP module development
  • Web development CakePHP
  • Website maintenance and deployment only with CakepHP
  • Integration of web 2.0 Cakephp application
  • And CakePHP extension development and upgrade


Along with giving your Cakephp web development projects to them if you wish you can also hire CakePHP web developers. There is the option of hiring CakePHP developers also. Hiring Cakephp developers are quite easily as they do not charge a high rate and they are available on contract for hourly, weekly and monthly basis. For those who are start up companies CakePHp developers on hire are the best, but for developed and established companies giving their CakePHP website development project is a wise idea. They provide the best and the most appreciated work within a stipulated time.

So for those who are looking for the best CakePHP developers to develop applications they must chose the best and settle for nothing else.