Competitive Edge in Android Application Development

Android Applications Development Company

Innovation has become a way of life for the Google family. It is obvious, therefore that they will don Android, their most popular mobile platform, with some of the best that the industry needs. Moreover, in the current competitive scenario when every platform is innovating to hold their own against the winds of time, Android simply must remain in shape or be prepared to get shipped out.  Also, Android was born with the ability to manage innovations. Its inherent capability to be free of hardware and software restrictions gives OEM’s a free reign to exercise their creativity in getting the best out of their preferred platform.

Framework for Innovation

Android hosts a robust framework built essentially to support innovation in app development. Some of its frequently used features include:

  • A single application model to enable deployment of apps across multiple devices.
  • Inbuilt sets of XML resources that help you to define and control UI in different devices
  • A Java IDE replete with enhanced features that facilitate in developing, debugging and packaging of Android Apps.

Innovations in Android App Development

Strengthened by its sturdy development framework and urged by its drive to deliver excellent software and features, android, strides past, most competitors, in the area of innovation in app development. Some of its key innovations include the following:

  • Google Now, though launched earlier, has recently been enhanced by several crucial software upgrades. Consequently, it has emerged as one of the biggest utility apps negating the impacts created by the iPhone. The app provides you with ready information you will need to keep abreast of the following things”
  • Traffic updates
  • Weather forecasts
  • Flight Delays
  • Current Events

It does not require any settings to be configured and is drawn from the real time environment. It also triggers an alert to notify you that you need to take required actions. The innovativeness of Google Now is ensured by the fact that users are not required to search for information. All alerts and updates are arranged in the form of cards and can be made available depending upon the user’s need.

  • Notifications is the other app that has led Android based devices to move way ahead of Apple products. Another alert based app, similar in functionality to the Google Now app, notifications provide immediate updates to the user when he or she receives an email, message, event update or even a social media update. These are indicated through the appearance of small badges or icons in the header area of an Android based device.
  • SwiftKey is a unique benefit afforded to Android developers owing to their unhindered access to the layers of the Android Operating systems. The SwiftKey replaces the default Android keyboard with finger movement sensitivity. It enables users to move their fingers across the keyboard over the letters they wish to type in one continuous movement. The motion is interpreted by SwiftKey. Android ensures the accuracy of this interpretation, particularly if it is a standard dictionary term. Also the app is capable of providing suggestions for typing. Users can tap to select the correct option provided and continue typing. This definitely enhances productivity by saving valuable keystrokes and increasing speed.

Android’s innovations are flowing in fast and quick in the absence of practically any hardware restrictions. Therefore, to keep their own in the competing markets, Google will continue innovating and belting out better and newer evidence of its vitality.

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