Build Custom Android Apps While Adopting To Latest Trends

Custom Android Apps Development

Android is a pretty raging platform. What started years back as a plunge into smart devices is today leading the world of smart phones. More than half the smart phones and devices available in the market work using Android as the platform. While Apple’s mantra claims there is an app for everything, Android’s mantra is if there is no app present for something, it needs to be created. Android is heavily working on its app department and slowly gauging on multiple apps that tend to solve every single purpose.

Why Android?
The first question any developer would probably ask is why develop for Android. Firstly it is an intriguing platform that is pretty developer centric. It is no child’s play working on Android, as it would be working on another OS. Developing an app not just needs creativity at play but also some sort of innovation and inquisitiveness from your end. Android is both a complicated yet absolutely desirable platform when it comes from the developer’s point of view. Developing apps on Android poses a real challenge.

What’s Good?
As a developer your first question is about the beauty of using a particular platform. That is precisely what you would want to know about Android as a platform too. Firstly it is an open source platform which makes it not just brilliant but also one which you can customize to your choice. Secondly this platform ensures brilliance in the way creativity can be manipulated to have perfectly working apps around. Third Android is a platform that has been roped in by several smart phones making it the desirable platform.

The Upcoming Trends
When you are working with a particular platform, you should be aware of the trends that are doing round in that platform. You should ideally adopt that trend so as to make your app look appealing and the interface brilliant. At the end of the day apps are complete only when the design is both attractive and user friendly.

Design Implications
When you are indulging in android app development design is an important criterion. You need to ensure that you have a flat design, which has been adopted by most app designers in the latest times. A flat design would give your content as well as the whole look of the app a simple yet appealing look.

Using Multiple Screens
This is another trend that gives your android app a classy feel. Generally, with the launch of a lot many smart devices, you would find people using multiple screens and devices at the same time. So you need build an app via which the two devices can interact with perfection. Creating an xbox app for your wearable is one such kind of interaction.

Processing Power on Rise
With every Android version, you will see that the processing power seems to be on a rise. This is probably what you need to take care of during android development. This will ensure powering up apps according to the processing power of the device.

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