Encase Magento Platform for Developing e-Commerce Web Apps

eCommerce developmentMagento platform has made the present-day ecommerce a lot easier for the developer in terms of several online stores and several other exciting functionalities. This is a well-known and an exciting platform for ecommerce and comes with various opportunities and offers complete convenience to the sellers as well as buyers who promote and sell their stuff online.

Magento is also a great platform to create web stores that are search engine optimization friendly. It is one of the most popular shopping cart solutions that has meta tags for individual products and also supports meta tagging based on different categories. There are different reasons why Magento platform has been such an enormous success for ecommerce development.

First and foremost, its pricing rules can be completely customized. These pricing rules are effortless for configuring so as to develop promotions, deals, discounts and other kinds of promotional campaigns to boost conversions. The Flexible Coupons deals for a specific amount or on basis of percentage can be easily applied to and limited to a certain group of buyers, shops, time periods, singular products, categories and these results in effective promotions like Free Buying X or Free Shipping X and you get free Y. This exciting functionality also enables filtering and visualization based on products viewed recently or newly introduced promotions. In addition to this, polls on certain products and even promotions can be easily created as well as a Sitemap with the Google Site Map tool.

Another exciting benefit offered by the Magento platform is the reporting function. This functionality comes integrated completely with Google Analytics and enables an improved understanding of the online store’s performance so as to introduce required alterations or changes for enhance the weak areas. Through the Admin Dashboard, several reports can be easily views on taxes, sales, products, RSS Feeds, tags as well as search terms used. The admin user also has complete access to view the abandoned purchase cart report, best purchased, best viewed, use of coupons and the best buyer and this enables the admin user to understand how effectively the campaigns are functioning and which have been the top selling products in a particular time period.

Yet another benefit offered by Magento platform is its search-engine friendly SEO tools and URLs that offer the store an enhanced positioning on various browsers and thus, helps in attracting a large number of clients. Additionally, the ecommerce platform also features a distinctive Rewrite tool which enables the admin user to have better control of all the URLs developed, by mentioning the URL structure for individual product page and also the meta information.

Magento ecommerce platform’s inventory management offers the admin user complete control on the catalog administration and comes with features like configurable RSS feeds for better managed alerts, easy to manage tax rates as per products, customers location and grouping and attributes to create products quick according to types. It also has several features for excellently managing product reviews and product tags and also special prices and product pricing guidelines.

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