WordPress Features to Easily Handle CMS

WordPress FeaturesWordPress was launched in the year 2003 as a platform for blogging. Over the years, it has exponentially grown as a much popular platform used by bloggers, developers as well as web designers on an extensive basis. Be it converting PSD to WordPress style XHTML, blogging, creating corporate sites or designing and developing WordPress templates, as a content management system, WordPress is considered to be one of the most reliable web platforms in the present day. It powers nearly 20 percent of the all web activity today. A good and a reliable CMS should be secure, simple and flexible and all these features are found in WordPress. It is search-engine friendly and supports higher functionality.

Initially, WordPress was developed to be a blogging platform. Thanks to its user-friendly and simple to use attributes, it became popular as a much preferred content management system that offers great support for plug-ins. There are several reasons why WordPress is one of the most popular CMS today. First and foremost, it is highly flexible to use. Today, it is not just a platform for blogging. It is widely used for creating online magazines, photo galleries, online start up firm website or even building a customized website for an individual. From eCommerce, news, online portfolio, online gallery, government site, article libraries, magazine site or even a photo blog, WordPress can manage everything competently and proficiently.

As a content management system, WordPress is used widely and is much familiar among several companies and individuals as a reliable web content management system. Owing to its immense popularity, it is now much preferred by most businesses and companies and offers the developers the ability to personalize it as per the business’s needs. For beginners, not  a lot of technical knowledge is required to use WordPress platform.

As a web platform, WordPress is extremely user-friendly. For any content management system to be considered good and reliable, user-friendliness remains a key feature. And WordPress offers exactly that. It is quite simple to use and manage and thus, ensures complete user-friendless since users can handle and manage this CMS quite effortlessly. Even if an user does not have enough knowledge about programming language or does not have good experience to use a CMS, he/she can still work easily with WordPress suing its standard documentation.

As a content management system, WordPress offers some exciting themes, templates as well as plug-ins in comparison to other content management systems. It is also armed with numerous WordPress features designed for different kinds of users and there are separate directories for plug-ins and themes. These directories contain several plug-ins and themes helpful for developers to design a stunning website. Developers can also create their own themes and extend the functionality of the website with plug-ins for adding spam protection, forums, calendars, complex galleries, tools and more for handling search engine optimization.

Being a renowned open source CMS, WordPress boasts of a strong community. The forum is quite beneficial when one faces any problems about using the CMS. There are several volunteers who are willing to help those stuck at any developmental phase of the site.

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