Internet Marketing Techniques In 2014

Internet Marketing TechniquesA study conducted on online content and marketing states that content marketing in 2014 is going to be at its best in this year. Indeed, most businesses are compelled to develop interesting, relevant and original content for attraction more people towards their brands and offerings rather than merely repurposing content already generated by someone else. However, it cannot be denied that content marketing remains to be very tricky and even mysterious for some business.

In the present day, most people prefer to surf the web on the go, that is, they access the internet from portable devices like tablets and smartphones rather than logging from their desktops or laptops. People are impatient and cannot wait to go back home, switch on the desktop, get connected to the internet and go through the day’s stories and happenings. Instead, they want to be constantly updated and thus use their tablets and smartphones for the same purpose. This explains why companies have started focusing on developing online content that is mobile-specific and thus, online content market has become an integral part of the bigger content marketing plan of any company.

Today, business feel there is a pressing need to create content that is mobile friendly and this shall be emerging as one of the most important techniques for internet marketing in the year 2014. As the world goes mobile, businesses strive to develop websites and pages that are mobile friendly. Also, this urgency is propelled by the fact that Google launched the Hummingbird algorithms this year. Thus, businesses need to ensure that their content is properly formatted for effortless viewing on any mobile device. Businesses also have to make sure that the content is concise and precise and well broken up for facilitating easy reading on small-sized screen. Businesses are doing away with content like high quality and large images as well as videos that take a long time for downloading on portable device like a mobile phone or a tablet.

Less is more

This sounds contradictory to what most of the brands opine about content marketing- generate as much content as they can. However, less here does not imply less number of infographics or articles the brand publishes online but the quantity of content carried in each piece. There is no doubt about the fact that consumer preferences are rapidly change and there is a robust demand for simple, minimalistic, thought-provoking and engaging content pieces. One can cite the example of Oreo commercials and how they publish highly unique images accompanies with usually one line of text content that does not fail to pack a punch.

Major brands like Google now prefer content that is concise and simplistic and seeing that Pinterest is so immensely popular with its uncluttered and clean look only is proof to the fact that people no more are smitten by in-your-face, flashy or even chaotic content. Thus, the primary aim for the website developer is to ensure the message is delivered with simple yet beautiful imagery and broken up content pieces that engage the audience in an interactive way.

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