Yii Framework as future of best web application development platform

yii web application developmentWe are working on numerous open source frameworks for developing web applications, but in each framework the key issue that is faced is the rapidity of development including few obstacles or complex query structure.

We were largely working on diverse types of business applications involving C.R.U.D. operations which to some extent include cyclical tasks. We were keenly searching for some framework which reduces this effort and Latest trendy “Yii Framework” is the one which robust our need for speedy application development process with smooth functionality. The key perception which helps are the O.R.M. feature based on active record design pattern by referring Ruby on Rails.

Based on the prologue of Yii Framework which states that; It has referred assorted available frameworks in the market and comes out with something remarkably authoritative for example, component based model and event driven programming, database abstraction layers, modular application architecture is adopted from Prado framework.

Yii is a sky-scraping performance open source web application development framework; that uses PHP for creating web 2.0 applications on finger-tips. Yii Framework is one of the latest and most greatly regarded PHP frameworks available in today’s market. The glory is that, it can be used for any web development projects whether the requirement is small and simple or a highly complex project with huge requirements, complexity, hard coding and tough integration has to be developed. Yii can be effortlessly downloaded free of cost from its official website and free for use. Every PHP development company is now offering web development solutions based on Yii framework to grab large client base world-wild.

Key Advantages for any Business Themes

a) Yii framework significantly condensed the team size which is required for the successful execution of large projects because of bunch of automation provided by the framework especially Gii module.

b) First-class extensions are accessible because of which testing effort has been compact as reinventing the wheel is not there.

c) The product derivative from Yii framework is very extensible, scalable, robust, efficient and maintainable, so hassle free usage can be done.

d) Incredible upgrading in the performance of applications developed by your company.

e) The same application could be sold at a competitive rate due to abridged team size.

f) The infrastructure occupied for the development is also narrowed and hence the cost of the project lowers down.

Find Understandable Key Technical Advantages :

  • It will be very easy configuration for the application from head to toe and fast deliverables.
  • Opt for easy approach to develop the modules.
  • Quite simple to develop the extensions and components.
  • It offers clean, efficient and robust caching strategies which supports various storage mediums; i.e memcache; is provided by Yii framework which extremely improves the performance of the developed application.
  • Database query caching provided would reduce the dependency on the database for caching which in turn allows easy decoupling and coupling of any database into the developed application.
  • HTML helpers provided by Yii framework make the front-end development a piece of cake for clients.
  • If your application based of product / services then SEO URL managing would be very easy to configure.
  • You can easily follow International standards efficiently.

The above stated technical advantages will be a boon for any developer working on an enterprise level web application.

At last, the client would be extremely happy when he/she tastes the performance of the application and do comparison with applications developed using other frameworks in past.

So why delay in Hiring Yii PHP Developers to achieve your business goals at a faster pace?

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