Essential Stages of Website Development Process

Really Want to endorse your business on global scale ? To cultivate the business; or you want to present straight-forward business profile online? Almost, all the business entities irrespective of structure, business objects or size need a business platform to grow; whether local or national or SME or limited companies need to develop their website at certain point. Now, if you are not a technical guy and even not familiar with designing in Photoshop or HTML coding or other Editors, then you require hiring some professional web designer to get the work done systematically & professionally.

While dealing with prioritize project, which will conscientious for the growth of your online business. It is crucial to understand few technical aspects like what kind of language they will use? to process your website or set of multiple functionality using various platforms ?; (PHP, Java, .Net programming, CMS, Backend database handling and flash if require).

In this post, I will converse some essential phase of website designing and web development process in easy approach. How the development cycle exactly work out to get the final result:

Content of the website

Rich Content Quality of the website matters a lot for the expansion of business. It reflects and represents your business’s image to audience, authenticity and values you carry for your clients. What all information you desire to give on your website for the user to read, understand, gain knowledge and follow. The services you offer, the product you manufacture and sell, about your company and business; briefing of all importance business aspects. Genuine, authentic and unique reader-friendly content plays an integral part for the promotion of your website. It is the role of your web designer to organize the content in such a manner that increases your productivity & visibility. But you should have some basic knowledge about:

=> What all information will be publishing in your website?

=> In how much time period you will update the information or add new informative things on your website.

For Example, if you are designing a portfolio of your business done; then your Gallery / Portfolio page will be updated frequently and the webpage of services offered by company will be static. Business News, Blogs, Client Updates etc will be updated in a regular period of time.

Wire-Framing of design

Designing a website is not all about the mishmash of graphic images. It is a deep & intelligent process of organizing the business information in a proper manner. The designing companies do a Wire-Framing process before designing the web-pages for accurate and good results. Wire-framing is the designing and planning of a blueprint which includes all worthy information and graphics to be added.

Designing the page

After the accomplishing of complete wire framing process (primary step); the designer step into the next part of pipeline which is called Graphical Designing / Web Designing. It depend on the designer that how he want to proceed further; basically there are two different ways: 1) Design a frame (layout) according to business nature and proceed further by the feedback and corrections given by client (Project Definition). 2) Other way is to provide 3 – 4 final designs and get the best one chosen by client (Generally recommended), with minor alteration or add things on if insisted.

One thing you should not forget while finalizing the design is that you are looking at a standard design in a JPEG form and follow international designing standards. It is not clickable at that point of time but you need to assume accessibility & functionality factors. So, you need to discuss the mouse over, clickable functionality, rollovers etc. It is always better to discuss navigational parameters with your designer.

Web-Page Development

Once you done with designing part for the website; it is time to move on development stage. It is all about programming, coding, structuring and working of functionality which comes under the development part. It is very important for you to understand that once the project move into development stage; making any changes in designing part will cost more. While making any changes of design during development part can be time taking and irritate developer. You even need to understand how difficult to do programming using various languages and respective platforms and even back-end processes.

You will find very few people who can handle designing and development at their own. That’s Great. Mostly, the designers and developers are different. However, both work together in a website designing firm. It is good to make an interaction with the designer and developer to understand the work-flow in a better way. Manager understands your complete business requirements and gets the work done with their professionally qualified designers and developers.

Testing of codes and work-flow

Once the development of website (coding) is over, it is the time to test the functionality, internal- linking of web-pages and web-structure. For this, upload website on a temporary server (local host) for testing / debugging the overall performance and complete functionality. You need to understand visitor’s flow, clickability, smoothness, easy navigation and clear any obstacles. If, at this stage, you wish any changes then it is better to discuss and resolve it or add some extra functionality if necessary. It is very important that you properly test the complete functionality of the site without hurry or irresponsible steps.

Selection of Web Hosting Platform

Your website is completed and working perfectly fine. Now, the question comes of uploading the website on internet server with codes and database. Your website should be accessible on every computer via World Wide Web – Internet using different web browsers. You need to upload the website on a web server; which will be accessible by you with the help of FTP control. It is better to discuss, classified & compare web hosting plans and finalize suitable platform. Most of the website designing firms offers domain registration and web hosting services also with website design. Launching of your website is an integral part of your web development process.

Web Security

Due to hackers and web thefts it is essential to check website’s security. If you are developing a website, one thing that you have to really check is the security of your website. Web users now are more cautious about security and privacy. They always see to it that they don’t encounter any viruses or malicious malwares. They would also often check on the website’s security before they leave any valuable information, so fetch genuine details. When you are developing a website, you really take care about all securities parameters.

Gaining the trust of web users is not so easy, but if you are able to prove them that
your website if fully secured and data protected, then there’ll be no problem. If your site still doesn’t have a Secure Socket Layer Certificates or SSL, you might want to consider acquiring one soon.

Ongoing Assistance

The role of designing company is fulfilled after uploading the website on web server. But, if you are not able to handle the website (data and up-gradation) at your own; then you need some assistance to handle the website and regular updates. If your website not working properly due to some technical glitch or need further changes contact development team to have assistance. It is advisable to make an annual contract with your designing firm to provide you periodical assistance and handle issues if any.

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