Blackberry VS iPhone VS Android

Probably all you must be aware of the three Smartphone Giant. Here I would like to throw a limelight on what makes them special and different.
Let’s start with the Blackberry :-

Probably the first smartphone and the first to use QWERTY Keyword. The First Device to use complete Encrypted Data. Blackberry is unique in it’s own way. The fastest among the Smartphone, We at Silicon IT Hub has used all these SmartPhones, and Blackberry is one of my favorite. What I love is Email functionality in this Phone. Try yourself, Send an email to any of your email client. Open your Desktop Email Client and see the difference. The email will be received first in your Blackberry an later in your Email Client.
We at Silicon IT Hub has evaluated Blackberry 10 as well, What makes difference is Every developer can develop application for Blackberry 10.

Blackberry VS iPhone VS Android

Now iPhone :-
World nows what iPhone Stands for, People Love iPhone, because of the UI, Easy to develop any sort of Application, Almost all the resources are available. Almost all the major Applications are with iPhone. Millions of Dowloads, millions of application in different categories, This what iPhone Stands for.

Android :-
Competitor of iPhone, Android after it’s invention and taken over by google, has received much appreciation in Market, Within a short-span of time, Android has become a popular devices for Business, youngsters and even game lovers. Major Applications are available, all the google products are mobile now in Android. Affordable, attractive and easy to use.

We at Silicon IT Hub provides indepth solutions for Mobile Solutions either Enterprise or Generic we know what to do.

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