Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications Development

Are you looking for a Mobile Application Developer? Silicon IT Hub recommends the following things to be keep in mind while outsourcing your project :-

While Outsourcing your Mobile Application Development Project, you need to be clear about which are the platforms that you’re looking to develop a Mobile Application.

There are many Platforms available in the market today, Like iOS App World, Google Play, Blackberry Apps Store, Nokia OVI and others.

Once Decided, take a pen and paper, Note down certain things which will make the developer easier to understand your project and will also reduce hours of development which you can negotiate with your developer at a later stage. Note targeted market of your applications like will it focus business, kids, youth, generic social media and others that may have in your mind. Have the overall idea of the application, If not ready to note down your ideas have a scenario in your mind, Look for a reference application which might be useful to draw the lines of the features.

Note the features of your application, list down what activities will follow each respective feature.

If possible draw a wireframe; this will help the design team to get an idea of graphics.

A detail document will always provide good support to the developers; this will help yourself and developer to figure out feasibility of the application.

Sometimes, even the developers or company helps the client to prepare the details document list, for some this may be chargeable and some provide free services.

We at Silicon IT HUB, Provides the services right from the scratch, just tell us your idea and we will send a list of queries/questionnaire along with our detail understanding of your project. Later comes the prices at Silicon IT Hub when done with entire feature listing of the applications.

 Silicon it HUB Provides services like developing customized Mobile Applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and other PHP Based Frame-work.


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