Zend Expressive – The Latest Technology for Developing PHP Applications on the Web

With the latest release of Zend’s latest version of PSR-7, this article gives a comprehensive overview of the different related benefits of using the middleware framework for developing PHO web applications, along with limitations that are yet to be addressed.


Recently there’s been a lot of buzz centring round Zend’s latest release of the expressive PSR-7 (PHP Standard Recommendation) micro framework. This article is here to give a 30,000 feet overview on the ways how this latest release will be helpful for developing HTTP middleware in PHP applications for the Web.

Development of interactive complex web applications

Zend expressive enables the development of complex webs applications with a set of simple PHP interfaces for working with HTTP requests and responses, URIs, and uploaded file representations. PSR-7 is a code that sits your requests and the response. It allows developers to write small, targeted, reusable and web-facing codes to be used in frameworks that consume the middleware. PSR-7 is all set to empower the progression of middleware ecosystem as an alternative to MVC development models.

Flexible Architecture

This latest version of release by Zend Technologies pledges to make the lives of developers easier by making it simpler to implement effective and efficient micro services. Now, the scope of these micro services is very limited in nature, and as a result of this, developers can write codes and APIs that are typically brief, precise, to the point and very much succinct, which in turn allows efficient development and simplified deployment.

Suitable for big enterprises

In addition to the flexible architecture, the middle work framework also provides a distinctServerRequestInterface with which one can scrutinize and deploy the HTTP request method, the headers and the body. With a separate ServerRequestnterface, there are additional abstractions to fill in the gaps in PHP’s implementation. It also allows for non-server API implementations which provide a way for creating asynchronous PHP-based web applications in a similar fashion to Node.js.

Better Control and security

Apart from the applications coding and framework related benefits, Zend has also revealed that PSR-7-based PHP applications works at a much faster rate over its traditional counterpart – the MVC frameworks. Additionally, these applications are also beneficial is a way that they use just a small fraction of the CPU and the memory.

Although the PSR-7 framework for the development of PHP web applications promotes rapid application development, ease of use, simplicity of deployment and high level of performance, but they do not have a balanced architecture, as a result of which developers have to decide the structure and design the architectures as and when the application expands. Zend believes that the middle ware framework basically promotes the first step of designing and performance at the cost of long-term maintenance. Clear and concise long-term maintenance goals of applications are something that developers should keep in mind while deciding the architectural framework.

Zend is making serious efforts to address the long-term maintenance story with Expressive. But on a positive note, in spite of all the short-comings, Zend Technologies have altogether paved a new path for the development of PHP web-applications.

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The Future of Service Desks: All About User Experience [Infographic]


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Mobile has become almost a multi-trillion dollar market


The global mobile market is expanding with every passing day and this is impacting the business scenario in a major way. A whopping financial growth of almost 2 trillion dollars has been observed in the last ten years. The research firm IDC has recently presented a report that shows global revenues in the mobility industry is going to increase from about $1.5 trillion this year to more than $1.7 trillion by the end of 2020. This massive increase equates a compound annual rate of growth of about 2.2% or nearly $40 billion in the annual revenues.

Estimated growth areas in the coming years


In the next 3 years, increased revenue is going to come from enterprises as well as consumers. The IDC Worldwide Semi-annual Mobility Spending Guide suggests that most of the money is going to be invested on latest hardware devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and for services like connectivity. With companies investing significantly in mobile security mobile application development platforms, the software revenues are believed to exhibit a major double digit growth.

Even though most of the estimated revenues are going to come from consumer spending, there will be a number of industries that will make bigger investments in the mobility market by the year 2020. One of such industries that will invest significant financial investments in mobility is the banking sector. It is believed by IDC that the banking sector will make annual investments in mobility that will exceed the $100 billion margin within the next four years.

Healthcare industry to play a major role in mobility market


The healthcare industry is going to experience maximum growth in terms of mobility by the next few years. In fact, IDC believes that healthcare sector is going to generate a 5.1% compound annual growth by the year 2020. This will be closely followed by the telecommunications industry with 4.7%. The professional services and utilities industries are going to see an annual growth rate of 4.1%. The investment and security services industries will also show positive activity, where most mobility projects are likely to focus on developing meaningful and productive ways to communicate with clients.

Larger enterprises are likely to drive greater mobile revenue growth


The companies having manpower of 500 employees or above will present with significant spending power. The larger enterprises are going to invest in target oriented mobile solutions which will focus on increasing employee productivity as well as additional engagement with the partners and customers.

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Using PHP Frameworks For Speedy And Robust Web Development

PHP Frameworks web Development

PHP Frameworks web Development

Web development is a complex and time consuming process. However, using a PHP framework for web development makes things easy and fast. PHP framework has various inbuilt functions that can easily called to perform a specific task. Earlier, when core PHP was primarily used for website development, the time taken to build a website was much more. With the advent of several frameworks, the process of web development has become less complex and faster. However, it is important to learn the flow and structure of a PHP framework for using it. Development in PHP follows the MVC (Model view controller) structure where everything moves in a pre-defined flow. PHP frameworks may seem difficult to learn, but once mastered, can simplify the web development process. There are various PHP frameworks such as Zend, Cake, Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symphony, etc. As PHP is an open source platform, these frameworks are also open source and thus can be used without a license.

  • The website development using PHP frameworks are faster and also rich in functionalities.
  • Various complex processes can be made simpler using PHP framework.

Advantages of PHP framework

Over the years, PHP framework has created a lot of hype among the developers. They have been using it for better web development, thus creating better dynamic websites. Some of the advantages of PHP frameworks are discussed here:

  • Better code and file organisation: A PHP framework has a folder structure and the developer is supposed to follow the standards used in the Framework and keep them organised. It may be difficult to follow for developers who are used to coding through command line, but when used continuously, the IDE becomes a cake walk.
  • Libraries and Utilities support: Using core PHP for web development can leave you looking for 3rd party libraries and codes for various purposes. PHP frameworks provide various such utilities, libraries and helper codes. These tools can help the developers for performing operations like form validation, I/O filtering, abstraction of database, handling of cookie and sessions and various other.
  • MVC pattern: All the framework follows the MVC pattern which helps in proper maintenance of code. The code is separated into a model-representing data structure, views- containing templates and page output and controllers- handles page requests and binds all the components together. Following the pattern result in clean and easy to maintain code.
  • Security: Security is another important dimension that PHP framework adds to the web development. There are various functions for input and output filtering that are capable of protecting the website from attacks. It can be used manually too in core PHP, but can be tiresome. Using a framework, it gets done automatically. For instance, when a value is passed to a database, the objects are filtered to protect from attacks using SQL injection.

Code less and build faster: Once the learning curve of PHP frameworks get straight, the developer begins to code faster and fewer lines of code generate the desired output. The developers can experience rapid web development

Changing Dimensions and Evolution of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing CompanyInternet marketing has become mandatory for every business, whether offered online or offline. Aggressive internet marketing through advertisements, e-mail campaigns, social media marketing is common place now. However, over the years a lot has been changed about internet marketing. Various new trends have been established giving a whole new meaning to it. Earlier, internet marketing was confined to running email campaigns and website development.

With the advent of social media website internet marketing has become a social media oriented as they have a wide reach. Even the social media websites like Facebook, Google+ provide for creation of pages and also offer paid advertising service. One can see advertisements on the right hand side of the Facebook page. The advertisements now also feature on the wall of the users. Internet marketing is also making use of search engines for displaying ads related to the keywords searched by the user. These ads can be seen on the top of the search result page. The search engines charge for such advertisements, however, the visibility that these ads enjoy is worth the investment.

  • Various new practices have been incorporated in internet market over the years.
  • The contents that are presented to the consumers have also changed drastically.

Changing trends in internet marketing

Changing is inevitable and internet marketing is no exception. There is a constant evolution in the digital world and the arrival of new technology is also triggering the shift in the behaviour of the customers as the choices in front of them are expanding. As the internet along with its users is changing there is a change in the internet marketing. The most most glaring changes that cannot be ignored comprise:

  • Content marketing is the supreme: Meaningful contents have been integrated with online marketing and still rule the roost. The newly adopted algorithm called the Hummingbird algorithm by Google is based on the way people talk with each other. Another feature called the across-the board secure search has also been put into place. Strong and unique contents have become all the more important for securing higher indexing on the search result page.
  • Union of Social media and SEO: Sharing the contents on social media websites has become necessary as the search engines have become smart enough to filter out the most relevant content for the users. Those contents which have most shares will ultimately be returned by the search engines in the results.
  • Emphasis of images along with the content: Good images make the advertisement attractive and stand out in the crowd of numerous ads that the users are presented. Images that are most relevant to the advertisement and able to relate to the users is very important.

Mobile-centric internet marketing: With the growing number of smartphone users, internet marketing ought to be mobile oriented. Various surveys suggest that the traffic from mobile phones has exceeded the traffic from laptops and desktop. Such a change in the scenario has warranted the need to optimize and redesign the internet marketing for mobile users.